About Me

My name is Josie, I am a puppy trainer and dog groomer located in Ilfracombe, North Devon.

I offer high quality puppy training instruction to puppy owners through one-to-one private lessons and Dog grooming in The Groom Room at my home.



I teach basic canine obedience using science led, positive and rewarding methods for local dog owners who want to train their young puppies to be confident and reliable faithful friends as adult dogs. Providing high quality services for dogs and their owners is my passion and I am committed to improving the standards of dog the training industry through completing academic and practical training qualifications. Previously I have studied with IMDT and the Cambridge Institute for Dog Behaviour and Training  

With the use of positive, reward based methods I have helped many puppy owners train their faithful friends to become willingly obedient and a pleasure to live with. 

In the past I have been a volunteer with Pets As Therapy, visiting children with special educational needs in schools with my dog.

I live with my own two dogs, Harvey, a red Labrador, and River, a Golden Retriever puppy. Harvey was my pet for 7 years before I trained him with the help of a charity to become my Assistance Dog in order to overcome my disabilities. He has now had to retire due to his own health issues and River is in the process of training to take over his role.   


I believe in the power of the canine/human relationship to really change lives for the better and my hope is to give others the tools they need to make the most of their time with their faithful friends.



My latest proffessional development course was on Training a Mental Health Assistance Dog run by PACT (Professional association of Canine Trainers)



My Qualifications:

 – Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour

– Practical and Effective Dog Training

 – Dog Handling and Training Skills

 – Professional Dog Training

– Canine First Aid and CPR

Courses I have attended:

 – Scent and the Assistance Dog


Obedience and Task Training

1-2-1 Training for your puppy

at your home or a public place



Dog Grooming

The Grooming Room

In Ilfracombe North Devon


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