About Me

Hi I’m Josie. I have just moved to Ilfracombe, North Devon.

At the moment I am providing high quality puppy training instruction to pet dog owners through one-to-one private lessons and Dog grooming in The Grooming Room at my home.




I teach basic canine obedience using science led, positive and rewarding methods for local dog owners who want to train their young puppies to be confident and reliable faithful friends as adult dogs. Providing high quality services for dogs and their owners is my passion and I am committed to improving the standards of dog the training industry through completing academic and practical training qualifications. Previously I have studied with IMDT and the Cambridge Institute for Dog Behaviour and Training  



I am also a member of The Guild of Dog Trainers – upholding their philosophies and standards in the dog training industry. Below is a section from their website

“The Guild recognises the importance and the need to understand:

Dogs  – The Guild is passionate about training dogs using methods which evolve from creating understanding between dog and human. To do this successfully the Guild recognises that its critical for dog trainers and owners to understand how dogs think, how they develop, their innate behaviours and their unique species characterises.

Dogs Owners – The Guild acknowledges the needs of dog owners and how in order to help them achieve their aim of a well behaved pet dog that dog trainers need to use effective methods which are achievable. The Guild fully understands the expectation society places on dog owners and additionally the laws which affect them all.

Dog Trainers & Professionals – The Guild understands the Dog training industry and is able to advise and support its members in all relevant areas.”

I have trained my own Labrador, Harvey, in basic obedience and basic agility as a young dog, and more recently as a PTSD Assistance Dog. During our life together I have been able to rehabilitate him (and he, me) after a tragic event in our family left us unable to manage the effects that followed. Harvey went through a phase of dog-to-dog aggression, scavenging, stealing and being over reactive towards strangers. With the use of calm, assertive and kind methods I was able to help him become the confident, stable friend he is today, and the life changing Assistance Dog I need in order to overcome my disabilities. In turn he is able to assist me through the difficulties I was facing and inspire me to build a career working with other amazing canines.   Harvey and I are now volunteering with the charity Pets As Therapy to share some canine companionship with others in the community who need to experience the unconditional love and therapy of a dog.


I believe in the power of the canine/human relationship to really change lives for the better and my hope is to give others the tools they need to make the most of their time with their faithful friends.



My latest qualification is the Higher Certificate in Professional Dog Training which I have studied for along-side my work, as a commitment to continual Personal and Professional Development.


This term I am attending a course on Training a Mental Health Assistance Dog run by PACT (Professional association of Canine Trainers)



My Qualifications:

 – Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour

– Practical and Effective Dog Training

 – Dog Handling and Training Skills

 – Professional Dog Training

– Canine First Aid and CPR

Courses I have attended:

 – Scent and the Assistance Dog


Obedience and Task Training

1-2-1 Training for your puppy

at your home or a public place



Dog Grooming

The Grooming Room

In Ilfracombe North Devon


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