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One-to-one training for you and your puppy is the best start you can have to a life-long positive relationship with your faithful friend.


The first five weeks after you bring your puppy home are vital for their well-being and your relationship with them. The experiences you give them here will effect them for the rest of their lives and it is now that you set the scene for how your puppy will behave as an adult dog.

Many common behaviour problems such chasing cats; car phobias; toileting in the house and pulling on the lead – to name a few- can be avoided if you invest in training your puppy from the very start with science led, positive and rewarding methods taught by a qualified dog trainer.


These are the methods studied and taught by Josie because they give the best results.

One-to-one training in the comfort of your own home can begin as soon you bring your puppy home. They are learning from you all the time – you need to be sure that you are teaching them the right things!


With private instruction you can learn how to effectively train your puppy and build the best relationship with them possible, based on mutual respect and trust.


I am not able to offer help with cases of aggression. Please contact your vet for information on finding a good behaviourist who specialises in this area if your dog has a history of aggressive behaviour.


Private lessons will include emailed tailored lesson reminders and information handouts. Lessons will be 45 minutes and are charged at:

£30 (puppies 8 weeks – 6 months)

Contact Josie now to arrange your first lesson time to suit you. 07809249842

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