The animals in our care need to be protected from the things in our
environment which will cause them harm. Their own instincts will not be
enough to stop them ingesting toxins and poisons that are too easily
available to them due to our lifestyles.


Below is a list of the most common toxins and potentially dangerous items
that you should protect your faithful friend from ingesting.


  • Chocolate – especially dark chocolate and cocoa shells.


  • Pork – too much can cause seizures


  • Grapes and raisins – these can cause kidney damage


  • Xylitol – found in sugar free gum, confectionary and some medications


  • Moisture absorbing crystals –found in packaging to keep stationary or other
    products dry in storage, these little packets of crystals are highly dangerous
    for animals/children to eat.


  • Slug pellets and rodent poisons


  • Yew tree leaves and berries


  • Acorns, conkers and all flowering bulbs


  • Rhubarb leaves


  • Garden fertilisers and weed killers